INTAKS® Scaffold & Edge Protection Solutions

Specialised Access solutions

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Light, modular and strong. Use the versatility of INTAKS® to solve your access challenges.
INTAKS® Specialised Access solutions

Wrap Jobs

INTAKS scaffold and edge protection structures can be wrapped to allow building recladding and maintenance. Or simply to permit construction work to continue in wet weather.

INTAKS® Specialised Access solutions

Maintenance Platforms

INTAKS can be used to create maintenance platforms that are straightforward to install. Also easy to remove and store after use. Reduce your maintenance overheads and have your own staff install the platform when required, without waiting for outside contractors. Read about Auckland Zoo's experience here.

INTAKS® Specialised Access solutions

Tilt Slab Access Platform

Access platforms can be quickly installed on the side of your tilt slab or concrete building. No need for scaffolding to the ground. Uses little to no ground space, leaves access points clear. And fewer hazards.

INTAKS® Specialised Access solutions


INTAKS' unique planks are the perfect solution when access walkways are needed. Use for public access, or on roofs and other areas for maintenance access. Leverage the versatility of INTAKS to solve your access challenge.

INTAKS® Specialised Access solutions

Mesh Screen

A fast and effective method of containing debris and other materials on your site, and of protecting passers-by. With an in-built toeboard, the screen can be securely attached to already installed scaffolding or edge protection using the INTAKS Mesh Screen Hook and/or cable ties.

INTAKS® Specialised Access solutions

Steel Framed Buildings

INTAKS scaffold and edge protection configurations are suitable for use on steel framed buildings. The versatility of the INTAKS System allows you to handle whatever your clients present you with.