INTAKS® Scaffold & Edge Protection Solutions

Residential solutions

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Scaffolding and edge protection systems that keeps out of the way and allows trades to get their job done faster.
INTAKS® Residential solutions

Edge Protection – Soffit Prop

A versatile and light roof-edge protection system. Adaptable to different soffit depths and gutter profiles. Safe work method for installation. Easy to carry. Largely tool-less installation. Watch the video to see how quickly it fits together.

INTAKS® Residential solutions

Attached Scaffolding – 1M Down

This scaffolding configuration attaches directly to the house frame. Provides excellent access for workers on site. 1M Down has been specifically designed to allow super quick installation. When no longer needed, it comes down just as fast. No hold-ups to construction progress. Better for the builder and for other trades.

INTAKS® Residential solutions

Attached Scaffolding – Split Platform

Split Platform is a unique scaffolding and edge protection solution that attaches quickly to the house frame and creates valuable access and working space. This speeds up construction and job scheduling, avoids delays and locks in progress payments.

INTAKS® Residential solutions

Freestanding Scaffolding

INTAKS Freestanding has the benefit of variable spans, uniform platforms and quick assembly. Plus the versatility required for almost any building site or terrain. With strong but light aluminium and many tool-less components, assembly and transport takes far less time than alternatives.

INTAKS® Residential solutions

Freestanding Gables

This configuration utilises the same components as INTAKS Freestanding to create a gable scaffold. Typically built to stand alone after the main scaffold is removed. Wide spans and flat, uniform platforms, with fewer obstructions to get in the way