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INTAKS® Commercial solutions

Floor Mounted

INTAKS Floor Mounted edge protection system provides a versatile solution wherever concrete or timber floor edges require fall protection. Simple to erect and dismantle. Compatible with INTAKS Toeboards and INTAKS Mesh Screens for added protection.

INTAKS® Commercial solutions


This configuration has been specially designed to accommodate multiple scenarios where edge protection is required on I-Beams. Light but strong, adjustable and easy to understand and use, this system will reduce time delays on your site, with no compromises on safety.

INTAKS® Commercial solutions

Parapet Clamp

Parapet Clamps allow edge protection to be installed on parapets up to 550mm wide, without drilling or fixing to the building surface. With a short install and dismantle time, your project can move ahead on schedule.

INTAKS® Commercial solutions

Floor Clamp

Floor Clamps allow edge protection to be installed on floor overhangs and balconies. Ease of installation is complemented by the neat and tidy on-site appearance.

INTAKS® Commercial solutions

Face Fixed

This configuration provides edge protection for tilt slab-constructed buildings or other concrete edges where protection is required. Easy to install and adjust. Dependable, innovative engineering that will keep you ahead of the curve.

INTAKS® Commercial solutions

Floor Voids

When you have a floor void that needs to be covered, we have the solution. Capable of covering long and wide spans, INTAKS' strong aluminium planks join side-by-side and end-to-end, without lapping.

INTAKS® Commercial solutions


INTAKS Stairway configuration allows edge protection to be installed on stairways. Provides safe access between levels while construction is underway. A variation on the INTAKS Floor Mounted and Face Fixed configurations.