Steele Mildwaters, Managing Director, Fall Stop Limited

Steele Mildwaters, Managing Director of scaffolding business Fall Stop Limited, provides insight into why he chose to utilise INTAKS for the scaffolding of a project in Auckland.

The Problem & Solution

“We were approached to provide an access solution for this project and we saw that scaffold was required for the cladding and roof edge protection for the roof where the building was being extended. Usually quite simple however the building had a truck access which had to stay clear for operations and this required us to overcome a span of 15m. The use of INTAKS’s design and the Interlocking Planks made achieving this span easy and safe for the team to install and dismantle.”

Advantages of INTAKS' Solutions

"The other advantage was transport costs. On a project of this size, other scaffolding systems are usually transported via a Hiab which we often outsource to a transport company. However, with the INTAKS system we were able to transport the gear to site with the guys on the day of installation. This saved additional labour and freight costs."





“While there are other quality scaffolding products on the market, the design of INTAKS stands out as allowing complex and ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ scaffolding challenges to be solved, safely and cost effectively.”

INTAKS is used every day to overcoming challenging, real-life, problems.

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