Scaffolding as a Start-Up Business

Have you always wanted to start your own business? There are many excellent reasons to do this from being your own boss, to increasing the amount of money you can earn, or building a valuable business for re-sale. We have one of the most exciting business opportunities in construction in New Zealand today. If you’re interested in taking control of your career and starting your own business in the building industry read on.

What’s on offer?


Do you want to own a profitable and competitive construction business with the ability to grow to the size you want? INTAKS, New Zealand's leading scaffolding and edge protection supplier, offers a business start-up opportunity. A scaffolding business earns money by installing scaffolding and edge protection equipment for homeowners, painters, roofers, builders, and construction companies.

Benefits of starting your own scaffolding business


Starting up your own businesses means that you get to decide who you want to work with, what hours you want to work and call all of the shots in your career. You can earn good money, building up wealth for when you retire and get a lot of satisfaction from building up your business. Being your own boss and having completely flexible working hours is the biggest drawcard for many. You can have more time for your family and recreation too.


What to consider when starting up?


Setting up any business takes research, planning and work. It’s pivotal to be clear on the business you’re wanting to start-up and where you’re wanting to head. There are a few key considerations when you begin. Decide on your business structure, identify premises to operate from, acquire the right vehicles, purchase quality scaffolding, take out liability insurance, employ key staff, work out key business processes, and set competitive business prices.


How to make your start-up scaffolding business succeed

Once you’ve mapped out your plan you’ll need to conduct market research to see what prices competitors are offering in the scaffolding and edge protection market. You could speak to local builders and construction companies too to get an idea about what they would be willing to pay and how they operate. This is also a great way to start connecting with potential clients as you start engaging with them and showing them how your service can benefit them.


Use quality scaffolding


If you’re starting up a scaffolding and edge protection business you will need, and most likely want the best quality scaffolding and edge protection equipment. Take into account the manufacturing, safety, expertise and versatility. Speak to scaffolding experts who can offer plenty of tips and advice for purchasing scaffolding and edge protection equipment.


Ready to start-up?  

Contact INTAKS today and discuss your future business opportunity.

The medium-term impacts of Covid 19 across the global economy are starting to become more apparent on a daily basis. Initial market uncertainty, along with shut downs and limited production of large manufacturing facilities across the globe has resulted in significant delays in getting almost every product.

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Thinking of starting a scaffolding business?
Key questions for scaffolding businesses to consider

Our Key Considerations Guide has been designed to help you make the right decisions for your business, depending on your individual situation and goals.

The guide contains:

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  • Key attributes to look for in scaffolding and edge protection gear so you get the best return on investment
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