Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Edge Protection

From new commercial buildings to renovations to factory shutdowns, edge protection plays a big role in many commercial businesses. The edge protection suppliers you work with can be the difference between a job running smoothly or one going terribly wrong – so it’s important to choose carefully.

As designers, manufacturers and suppliers of NZ’s leading scaffold and edge protection systems, INTAKS knows what commercial projects need when it comes to edge protection. Because we want you to be informed too, here is everything you need to know about commercial edge protection.

High-rise edge protection systems

When you’re undertaking a high-rise commercial project, there’s a lot at stake. First and foremost, you need safe edge protection of your high-rise building, so your tradies can move around safely while working at great heights. At the same time, you also want edge protection that can be installed quickly and will allow for a productive, efficient worksite.

When you have people working on a high-rise building, it’s absolutely paramount that you work with edge protection suppliers and reputable manufacturers who know what they’re doing. From floor mounted edge protection to parapet clamps, floor voids to stairway edge protection, INTAKS has considered every single aspect of your high-rise commercial project.

Light commercial projects

Just because it isn’t a high-rise building doesn’t mean you can be any less careful when it comes to light commercial edge protection systems. In fact, in NZ falls are more common from shorter heights where people cut corners in order to get a job done quickly. As suppliers of on roof edge protection and face fixed edge protection systems, INTAKS’ edge protection options will make your light commercial project run smoothly and safely.

Traits to look for in edge protection manufacturers

Safety – since edge protection is there to keep workers safe, the most important quality of any commercial edge protection system is safety. Safety means its designed properly, is high quality and is Engineer certified to the edge protection standards (AS/NZ 4994) so that you know it is strong enough to keep people.

Efficiency – you want your commercial project to cost as little as possible, so you need edge protection that can get installed in a flash. The edge protection system itself should also allow tradies to move and work efficiently while on site.

Versatility – every commercial worksite is different. The best edge protection manufacturers know this and offer not only a variety of edge protection options, but are also designed to be installed and dismantled easily on different sites.

Get your commercial job done right

For safe, efficient and versatile edge protection systems on your commercial site, talk to INTAKS, NZ’s leader in commercial edge protection.

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