Staff are your most important asset

Ensuring your staff are competent is only part of the picture. You also want them to be as efficient as possible. So they get more done, while also delivering exceptional customer service. That's where training and job management comes in.

INTAKS Guidelines

The INTAKS Guidelines provide step-by-step instructions on how to install the different standard INTAKS configurations. If you are a customer or end user, contact us to request a copy.

WorkSafe Good Practice Guidelines

The WorkSafe New Zealand publication, Scaffolding in New Zealand: Good Practice Guidelines, contains valuable background information and guidance for working at heights. This document is available on the WorkSafe website (, or contact us for a copy.

Introductory Training

The INTAKS System is easy to learn to use, but some instruction upfront can greatly enhance efficiency.

We are able to provide practical introductory training to installers who are new to INTAKS, or to installers who need a refresher.

Other Training Courses

Scaffolding courses are available that count towards a National Certificate in Scaffolding, which is typically required in order to apply for a Certificate of Competence from Scaffolding and Rigging New Zealand.

Other training courses relating to working at height are also available through independent training providers. We can help point you in the right direction.

Installation Checklists

Many companies like to develop their own scaffolding and edge protection installation checklists that suit their individual circumstances and requirements.

We can provide our customers with sample installation checklists as a starting point for them to fine tune.

Job Sheets

Job sheets are an important management tool for health and safety and for business decision making. They record important information that can assist with job planning, charging, staff development and other management decisions.

We are able to provide sample job sheets to our customers.

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