Do you want to own a profitable and competitive business with the ability to grow to scale (or, if you prefer, stay small)?

The INTAKS Scaffolding and Edge Protection System offers this start-up opportunity.

With residential and commercial applications, the easy-to-use INTAKS system helps permanently reduce your biggest overheads - labour and transport costs - and reduce the management burden.

All backed up with INTAKS' local advice and support.

Easy to install. Exceptionally flexible. Great to use.

Easy to use Intaks scaffolding system completed around a new build.

Have you thought about why you want to get into business and what you want out of it?


Practical steps to starting up


Information on the industry

Site visit to see the gear in action in a running business

Define your market & goals

Speak to existing INTAKS customers


Complete your due diligence

Speak to an accountant and your bank

Arrange premises,
transport, tools, gear, etc

Staff & introductory training


Install your first jobs

Build a reputation for premier customer service

Grow to achieve your objectives

Enjoy the income & lifestyle


INTAKS has resources to help at each stage.

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Profitable Business

With INTAKS, the key overheads for any scaffolding and edge protection installation business - labour and transport - are permanently reduced. This gives you a compelling competitive advantage. 

Easy to Learn

INTAKS is designed to be very simple to install, which makes it easy to learn how to use. Comprehensive step-by-step Guidelines are also available to help out. 

A Flexible & Adaptable System

The INTAKS system offers a range of interconnecting components that can be used in many ways, adapting to virtually any job or terrain and minimising the amount of gear required on site. 

Scaleable to Your Lifestyle

You can choose how large or small you want to be. INTAKS has multiple configurations available, allowing you to switch from one to another with the addition of as few as one or two different components.

Easier Business to Manage

With INTAKS you need fewer staff and trucks, and less gear, to do the same amount of work as with other systems. This makes your business much easier to manage.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Secure the ability to deliver exceptional customer service. Highly versatile and quick to install and dismantle, that's what you get with INTAKS

Watch our business opportunity video.

Unmatched Productivity Benefits

For you and your customers, INTAKS means productivity. You reduce time on site and cost of transport. Your customer gets better building access and efficiency. 

Fast & Efficient

Building sites are more accessible and efficient when using INTAKS, due to its very wide spans and minimal ground footprint. Multiple trades can work simultaneously, meaning site work progresses more quickly. 

Need Finance?

Need finance? We can help with a range of flexible purchase and long-term hire options. If you need to speak to a bank, we can point you in the right direction.

Safe & Compliant

The INTAKS system has been tested and independently verified for compliance with the relevant AS/NZS standards. And we have won several safety awards. No compromises on safety - ever.

Ongoing Local Support

When your project requires a well-considered or custom solution, or you're wondering what you need to do next to grow, we're at your side with expert knowledge and engineering support.

Excellent ROI

By allowing you to minimise your operating costs, INTAKS maximises your return on investment. Contact us to find out what is possible.

See how you can install Edge Protection in no time at all with INTAKS.

INTAKS is used every day to overcome challenging, real-life problems.

Learn more about why the INTAKS System is the obvious choice.


"We find INTAKS to be true professionals when it comes to service, their knowledge of their products and their great support"


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