Fully Compliant

The INTAKS Scaffolding and Edge Protection System has multiple configurations that have been tested and independently verified to the relevant standards, including AS/NZS1576 Scaffolding, AS/NZS 4994 Temporary edge protection and AS/NZS 1577 Scaffolding decking.

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Safer Manual Handling

Because INTAKS weighs so much less (up to ~5 tonnes/house) than other gear, and has been designed with the user in mind, it's a safer choice for manual handling. Choose INTAKS, and avoid bad backs and time off work.


R-Clips Designed for Scaffolders' Fingers

We want to make it easy for scaffold installers to do their job. We know that often they are big guys. So we purposely designed our R-Clips with a large bend that makes it easy for fingers to grab hold of, even with gloves on.


Planks to Kneel On

When installing or working on scaffolding, users often have to kneel to get in the right position to do their work. It's no accident that the gap between the anti-slip knurling on our planks is wide enough to kneel between, without resting on the knurling.


Safe Handrail & Plank Install Method

Thanks to the innovative design of INTAKS’ components, planks and handrails can be installed on the level above without leaving the safety of the existing level.


Apex Post

The award-winning INTAKS Apex Post provides installers with a safe work method for installing rails at the apex.

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Mesh Screen

The INTAKS Mesh Screen provides protection a level above that provided by toe boards alone. Another gear option that sets INTAKS installers apart from their competition.


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