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INTAKS benefits scaffolders with features such as soffit props pictured on a domestic house.

Easy to Learn

You don't need a scaffolding background to start out with INTAKS. INTAKS is designed to be very simple to install, which makes it easy to learn how to use. Bring a 'can-do' attitude, and you'll be off to a great start.

Tool-less Assembly

Assembly of the majority of the INTAKS System is tool-less, making it easier to get the job done and check that it's done right.

Simple to Install, Adjust & Dismantle

INTAKS has been designed to be simple to put together, adjust, and take apart.  Precision-engineered components slot together and are secured in place with Lock Pins and R-Clips, making it faster and easier to complete your work.

Highly Adaptable

INTAKS adapts to most jobs and terrains. Spans between uprights are variable, allowing obstacles to be worked around. Platform heights can be varied as required. Re-work is much reduced or even eliminated, making your job on the tools faster, and more satisfying.

Less Weight - Lower Risk of Injury

INTAKS is easier on the body than conventional scaffolding. It is designed to be tough, but light. A typical houselot of INTAKS scaffolding can weigh up to 5 tonnes less than conventional scaffolding - up to less than half as much. That's a lot less weight to move for each job, day-in day-out. And a much lower risk of back and other manual handling injuries.

Easy to Load, Unload & Carry

INTAKS is designed to be easy to load, unload and carry. Some configurations even fold for easier handling. No stillages, forklifts or class 2 trucks are required. With properly racked-up vehicles, getting the gear on and off the truck is quick and efficient. This reduces your workload and allows your team to get jobs finished faster.

Be Proud of Your Work

INTAKS is a truly Kiwi product, people say it looks good on site, and it can go up in no time at all. Just a few reasons why, if you're working with INTAKS, you can be proud of your work.

One System, Multiple Solutions

The INTAKS System has configurations for both edge protection and for scaffolding. This gives you the skills to provide more solutions to the customer's problems.

INTAKS Users Group

The INTAKS Users Group on Facebook is a closed-community forum designed to allow INTAKS installers to come together to share photos of their best jobs, ask for advice, and pass on ideas and tips. With INTAKS, you're part of a like-minded community that loves to deliver great service to the customer, while also having fun.

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"We can erect the scaffolding in a day, which is quicker than steel scaffolding systems and the lighter weight means we get less staff fatigue"

INTAKS is used every day to overcome challenging, real-life problems.

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INTAKS easy to handle & install scaffolding around new construction.

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