Scaffolding & edge protection

that lets you get on with your work


INTAKS Scaffolding & edge protection used by scaffolders and builders on a new build house.

Improve your productivity

INTAKS has been designed to dramatically improve construction productivity.
With INTAKS on your building site, you will have scaffolding with wide spans and a minimal ground footprint. Clear ground space and walls permits multiple trades to work simultaneously, meaning the site progresses more quickly and tighter build schedules can be achieved.
So you get your work done to the same high standard, but faster.
Less time waiting around for other trades and more time getting the job closer to completion.
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Light & Strong

Primarily manufactured from aluminium, INTAKS is light to handle but incredibly strong. Work with full confidence, knowing INTAKS offers industry-leading levels of safety and compliance.  

Fast & Easy to Install & Dismantle

Don't have your project schedule held up waiting for the scaffolding or edge protection to go up. With award-winning design and an intuitive slot and pin mechanism, INTAKS goes up and comes down quickly, so you can get on with your work.

Highly Versatile

The INTAKS system was purpose-designed to be exceptionaly flexible, and suitable for almost every type of construction project. Edge protection configurations can attach to steel, timber and concrete, providing the solution to your problem.

Safe & Compliant

The INTAKS system has been tested and independently verified for compliance with the relevant AS/NZS standards. And we have won several safety awards. No compromises on safety - ever.

By the Industry, for the Industry

INTAKS was developed by Lew Cleveland, a veteran of the New Zealand scaffolding and building industry. It has been purpose developed to overcome the challenges and shortcomings of traditional scaffolding systems.

Ongoing Support

If your project requires a well-considered or custom solution, we're at your INTAKS installer's side with expert knowledge and engineering support.

INTAKS Soffit Prop Edge Protection

Designed to maximise your productivity on site

Watch this time-lapse video to see how this purpose-designed residential roof edge protection system can benefit you on site.

New builds, renovations, and maintenance.
INTAKS has a configuration to suit.

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"The guys at INTAKS are super responsive if we need support"

A smart choice for your bottom line

Having INTAKS scaffolding or edge protection on site can provide many benefits to builders and roofers.

Let one of our independently owner and operated installation company customers explain
the benefits of combining their service with the INTAKS system, to deliver productivity benefits
that can improve your bottom line.


INTAKS is used every day to overcome challenging, real-life problems.

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