I-Beam Edge Protection


The INTAKS I-Beam Edge Protection System provides a unique solution to the challenge of
installing edge protection on I-beams.

The handrail post unit can be rapidly assembled on the ground without any tools, loaded into the EWP,
and secured to the I-beam within minutes. Handrail tube is then handed-up from the ground, put in
position and you have a compliant solution.

The edge protection can also be installed on the ground, prior to lifting the steel beams into position.

Multiple adjustments are possible, accommodating different I-beam and floor heights and overhangs. 

The INTAKS I-Beam edge protection system attached onsite to I-beams of a new construction.

Some of the benefits of INTAKS
I-Beam edge protection

For Clients

  • Safe & compliant
  • Fast & efficient to install or remove, reducing on-site delays
  • Allows project schedules to be compressed, and to move ahead without traditional scaffolding-related delays
  • Adjustments are easy to make
  • Simple but sophisticated system
  • Flexibility to deal with most on-site requirements (including those unanticipated ones)

For Edge Protection Installers

  • Quick to install and dismantle
  • Components configured on ground without tools: fast, safe, and efficient
  • Easy handling of primarily aluminium components
  • 6m aluminium handrails easily handed-up from ground to EWP, massively reducing time in EWP
  • Up to 3.6m between handrail posts
  • Multiple adjustment and bracing options to limit horizontal deflection
  • Easily accommodates the requirements of large I-Beams
  • Light and easy to load, unload and carry

Concerned about Compliance?

We put our I-Beam Edge Protection System and conventional tube and coupler
I-Beam edge protection through the same tests.

Watch the video to see the results.


Flip through the INTAKS I-Beam Edge Protection Photobook to see how you can save massive amounts of time on your next project

See how you can assemble the INTAKS I-Beam Edge Protection System
on the ground, attach to the 
I-beam, and crane into position


The INTAKS I-Beam Edge Protection System view from beneath with unique edge protection.

INTAKS is used every day to overcoming challenging, real-life, problems. 

Learn more about how the INTAKS System can work for you.


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