Thinking of starting a scaffolding & edge protection business?

Nationwide, we estimate annual revenue in the residential scaffolding and edge protection market to be in excess of $200 million, and growing.

INTAKS can provide you with the world-class gear needed to operate, as well as assistance in other areas to get your business up and running on a good footing.

With the opportunity for a great lifestyle and an excellent return on investment that you'll find hard to beat, an INTAKS installation business may be just what you're looking for.

Need scaffolding or edge protection installed for you?

Benefit from INTAKS scaffolding or edge protection on your new build, renovation or maintenance project.

INTAKS' independent installation company customers install scaffolding and edge protection around New Zealand.

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Whether you are a homeowner, roofer, painter, builder, commercial construction
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"In the residential [scaffolding] game, the biggest thing is to be able to put the scaffolding up and down as quickly as possible. INTAKS is fantastic for that."

Key questions for scaffolding businesses to consider

Our Key Considerations Guide has been designed to help you make the right decisions for your business, depending on your individual situation and goals.

The guide contains:

  • Scaffolding and edge protection market overview
  • Questions to help you position your business for success, minimise your direct costs, and increase your margin
  • Key attributes to look for in scaffolding and edge protection gear so you get the best return on investment
Key considerations guide for a residential scaffolding business.

Customer Stories

See how our customers have used the INTAKS® Scaffolding & Edge Protection
System to solve real challenges for their customers

Multiple configurations. Endless applications.

Let your imagination run wild. With INTAKS, a common set of individual components
can be combined in multiple different ways.

Applications for your next residential, commercial, high-rise, industrial, or civil project.
New build, renovation or maintenance. You have the challenge, we have the solution.

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All types of users benefit from INTAKS gear

Building new, renovating, or doing maintenance. Residential, commercial, high-rise, industrial, or civil.
If you need or work with scaffolding or edge protection, INTAKS can improve your project productivity.


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