Features & Benefits

INTAKS is the complete one-system solution for scaffolding and roof edge protection.

Purpose-designed for the industry, by the industry, the INTAKS system encompasses a number of innovative, patented features that make it quick and easy to install, and exceptionally adaptable to anything your job or site requires.

Interlocking planks

Interlocking scaffolding planksINTAKS interlocking planks have a 4.8m span, are extremely lightweight and can be easily joined mid-span. The planks interlock end-to-end and side-to-side, creating a uniform, level platform and reducing trip hazards.

Incredibly Lightweight Aluminium

Lightweight Aluminium ScaffoldingEvery component of the INTAKS scaffolding and roof edge protection system is manufactured from incredibly lightweight aluminium. Being approx. 80% lighter than steel, INTAKS requires less time, truck tonnage and labour cost to install and remove.

Toe Boards

Toe Board Clip Scaffolding feature INTAKS’ Toe Boards and clips (both plank and floor mounted) simply snap on. Now your Toe Board installation is completely tool-less, and Toe Boards can be placed anywhere they’re needed without being limited by bay size.

Spring Clips

Spring Clip Scaffolding feature Spring Clip Scaffolding feature INTAKS Spring Clips quickly lock directly onto the handrail tube – for a safer, completely tool-less handrail installation that’s 15 times faster than the traditional method.

Suspended Platforms

Suspended Platforms scaffoldingOur patented twist-lock spigot and bracket system allows a light duty, load-bearing platform to be built from rafters.

Clear ground and wall space allows multi-trade access, providing increased building productivity.

Versatile Brackets

Versatile brackets ScaffoldingThe INTAKS scaffolding and roof edge protection system features a range of brackets that can be used in a variety of applications – such as creating cantilevered platforms. Like every INTAKS component, our versatile brackets are designed, engineered and rigorously tested for superior strength and load weights.

One System, 20+ Configurations

The highly innovative interlocking system has been designed to adapt to virtually any terrain or site challenge. Click here to see all the possible configurations.

Better Access

INTAKS was purpose-designed to maximise clear ground and wall space, enabling multi-trade access and expediting the progress on site.

Handrail Joiners

All INTAKS handrail joiners are slip-on and tool-less. Requiring no tightening, they eliminate the need (and time) to come back and tighten hardware.

Thanks to the innovative design of INTAKS’ components, planks and handrails can be installed on the level above without leaving the safety of the existing level.

 Future Access

And when the work is over, the INTAKS bracket can remain an integral part of the building for easy, lower-cost maintenance in future.

Apex Rails Solution

Apex Post Scaffolding featureThe new INTAKS ‘Christmas Tree’ module provides installers with a safe work method for installing rails at the apex.