Yes, the system is certified as complying with AS/NZS 1664.1 Department of Labour Best Practice Guidelines for Scaffolding in New Zealand, AS/NZS 4994.1.2009 Temporary Roof Edge Protection, and AS 6001 Working Platforms for Housing Construction.

Yes, the system is covered by the following patents and design registrations:

Granted Patents
Design Registrations
Trade Mark Registration
We also have additional New Zealand/International patents and design applications pending.

INTAKS innovative scaffolding and roof edge protection was designed by Lew Cleveland, a veteran of the New Zealand scaffolding and building industries.

Lew designed and developed the INTAKS system over the course of 13 years, in response to the challenges and shortcomings of traditional scaffold systems and increasingly rigorous Health and Safety legislation.

INTAKS is manufactured and tested in New Zealand to the highest quality standards.

INTAKS saves time on site in a number of significant ways.

Firstly, being 80% lighter than steel scaffolding, the aluminium INTAKS system takes far less time (and manpower) to put up and pack down.

INTAKS components are also designed to be faster and simpler to install. For example, INTAKS Spring Clips quickly lock directly onto the handrail tube – for a safer, completely tool-less handrail installation that’s 15 times faster than the traditional method.

INTAKS’ innovative design also allows for ground space and lower walls to be kept clear, enabling multiple trades to work simultaneously. Site progress is uninterrupted, and tighter build schedules can be achieved.

INTAKS’ scaffolding and roof edge protection takes far less time, truck tonnage and manpower/labour to install and remove, thanks to its incredibly lightweight aluminium design (80% lighter than steel scaffolding).

Using INTAKS can also significantly expedite build progress - faster builds, less team downtime, more jobs.

INTAKS scaffolding and roof edge protection system is available to hire or to buy right throughout New Zealand.

INTAKS is currently developing its Australian network, so please contact us if you are interested in hiring the system for a one-off project or purchasing the system for future jobs and contracts.

A growing number of industry professionals are choosing to invest in the INTAKS system, as a value-added solution to their ongoing scaffolding and roof edge protection needs. To discuss purchasing the INTAKS system for your scaffolding, building or maintenance business, contact our team.

Every component of the INTAKS system has been rigorously tested and certified to NZ/AU Safety Standards.

INTAKS offers a multitude of features for enhanced safety – including (but not limited to) reduced trip hazards, tool-less installation of many components, and the ability to install planks and handrails on the level above without leaving the safety of the existing level.

INTAKS provides an adaptable roof edge protection solution and is ready to meet the new demands of New Zealand’s forthcoming Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.