The Problem

Auckland Zoo needed access over a water moat so staff could safely clean the inside windows of their lion enclosure. Previously they’d been doing it from a small dingy.  They wanted a system they could install themselves whenever they needed to clean the glass, so that they didn’t have to wait for a scaffolding company.


The Solution

The INTAKS Boot Bracket component was chosen by Fall Stop because the brackets could be bolted to the wall. Modular horizontal supports (also part of the INTAKS system) were then attached to the Boot Brackets and a cantilevered platform installed, using INTAKS’ Interlocking Planks. The set-up was run past INTAKS’ engineer before installation.




For Zoo staff the solution provided was simple but effective. Zoo staff would only need a spanner to do up the plank clamps.  Everything else was done with INTAKS’ easy to use pins and clips.  The whole system could be assembled in just over ten minutes when staff needed to clean the windows.

The scaffolding was powder coated to the colour that the zoo wanted, so it blended in.  It took just over three hours to install it.  Zoo staff were then trained to set up and take down the system. 

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This was a small project, but it solved a big problem for Auckland Zoo.