Tested and independently verified

Compliant, for your peace of mind

The following configurations of the INTAKS® Scaffolding and Edge Protection System have been tested and independently verified, by a consulting professional engineers firm, to the relevant AS/NZ Standards as shown in the table below, provided they are installed in accordance with the INTAKS® Guidelines (version 01.2018).

If you aren't sure whether a particular configuration will work for your job, give us a call. We'll work alongside you with expert knowledge and engineering support, to find a solution that fits your requirements.

config table 2

AS/NZ Standards - Legend: 

1664.1 Aluminium structures - Limit state design

1576.1 Scaffolding - Part 1: General requirements

1576.3 Scaffolding - Part 3: Prefabricated and tube-and-coupler scaffolding 

1577 Scaffold decking components 

4994.1 Temporary edge protection - Part 1: General requirements 

4994.2 Temporary edge protection - Part 2: Roof edge protection - Installation and dismantling 

4994.3 Temporary edge protection - Part 3: Installation and dismantling for edges other than roof edges

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