INTAKS® Scaffold & Edge Protection Solutions


INTAKS® Scaffold & Edge Protection Solutions


INTAKS Stairway configuration allows edge protection to be installed on stairways. Provides safe access between levels while construction is underway. A variation on the INTAKS Floor Mounted and Face Fixed configurations.


Stairways configuration provides easy access between levels while construction is underway:

  • Edge protection can be mounted on floor and/or side of stairway, attaching to either concrete or timber.
  • Up to 3.6m spans between handrail posts.
  • Two or three handrail configurations available.
  • Handrail height is adjustable.
  • Lock Pin & R-Clip mechanism allows for visual inspection of correct installation.
  • Modular components may be re-used in other configurations. No need to purchase a completely separate edge protection system.
Installation process

Configuration can be installed on the side or the top of the stairs, depending on requirements:

  1. Boot Bracket screwed or bolted onto stairway with Tek screws (timber) or Ankascrew bolts (concrete).
  2. Swivel Handrail Post inserted into Boot Bracket. Secured in place using the tool-less Lock Pin & R-Clip mechanism.
  3. Handrails secured to Swivel Handrail Posts.
  4. Complete final checks and handover to site manager.
  5. Dismantle process is the reverse to installation.

Simple to assemble, light but strong components.

For handrails:

  • Handrail Tube (part #HR4 to HR#6)
  • Handrail Joiners/External Sleeve Couplers (part #1165/#SES)
  • Fixed 90° Couplers (part #SFC) and/or Swivel Couplers (part #SSC) – for joining handrails at corners

For each post:

  • 1 x Swivel Handrail Post (part #1102)
  • 1 x Standard Arm (part #1172)
  • 1 x Boot Bracket (part # 1148)
  • 2 x Lock Pins (part #1182)
  • 2 x R-Clips (part #1900)

Note: exact components required will vary depending on set-up and site-specific requirements.

INTAKS® Scaffolding & Edge Protection solutions

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