INTAKS® Scaffold & Edge Protection Solutions

Maintenance Platforms

INTAKS® Scaffold & Edge Protection Solutions

Maintenance Platforms

INTAKS can be used to create maintenance platforms that are straightforward to install. Also easy to remove and store after use. Reduce your maintenance overheads and have your own staff install the platform when required, without waiting for outside contractors. Read about Auckland Zoo's experience here.


Leverage the flexibility of INTAKS to create the right solution for your maintenance platform requirements:

  • Brackets can be permanently affixed to the structure.
  • Components slot into brackets and are secured with simple, easy to use, Lock Pin and R-Clip mechanism.
  • Aluminium planks, handrails and other components are light and durable and do not rust.
  • Colour-matching service available.
Installation process

Design may require engineer sign-off to ensure suitability of structure for intended purpose. We can assist where this is required.

Actual installation process will depend on set-up and site specific requirements.


Components required will vary depending on set-up and site specific requirements  

INTAKS® Scaffolding & Edge Protection solutions

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