INTAKS® Scaffold & Edge Protection Solutions

Mesh Screen

INTAKS® Scaffold & Edge Protection Solutions

Mesh Screen

A fast and effective method of containing debris and other materials on your site, and of protecting passers-by. With an in-built toeboard, the screen can be securely attached to already installed scaffolding or edge protection using the INTAKS Mesh Screen Hook and/or cable ties.


INTAKS Mesh Screens allow you to quickly and easily install perimeter debris protection on your site by attaching to already installed edge protection:

  • Fast and simple on-site assembly.
  • Mesh Screen is 2m long by 1.25m high by 12.5mm wide, with 200mm high integrated toeboard.
  • Nominal weight is only 5.1kg/linear metre.
  • Designed to be attached to the inside of already installed edge protection.
  • Can abut side-by-side, or overlap, adjoining screens.
  • If installed using Mesh Screen Hook, can be easily removed for temporary works behind the screen and then placed back in position. Screen can be locked onto Mesh Screen Hooks using a Lock Pin & R-Clip, if required.
  • Superior level of protection compared to scrim or other fabric containment methods.
  • Neat and tidy on-site appearance.
Installation process

Mesh Screens are put in place after completion of the edge protection installation:

  1. Position Mesh Screen on inside of handrails and secure to the handrails using Mesh Screen Hook(s) and/or cable ties. Appropriate method for securing Mesh Screen to handrails will depend on site requirements. Screen can be locked onto the Mesh Screen Hook using a Lock Pin & R-Clip, if required.
  2. Mesh Screens may be lapped where required.
  3. If the Mesh Screen is also intended to function as a toeboard, Toeboard Floor Clips or similar restraining blocks should be positioned on the outside edge of the Mesh Screen and secured to the surface whose edge is being protected. This prevents undue outward deflection of the Mesh Screen.
  4. Dismantle process is the reverse to the install process.

Components easily fit together allowing for rapid install:

  • Mesh Screen (part #1301)
  • Mesh Screen Hook (part #1234) and/or cable ties
  • Lock Pins (part #1182)
  • R-Clips (part #1900)
INTAKS® Scaffolding & Edge Protection solutions

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