Grant started Southern Access Solutions 7 years ago and loves working with INTAKS! A major advantage for Grant and his team is the ongoing advice he gets from us here at INTAKS. Read Grants story on the link below…

Grant has had Southern Access Solutions for 7 years and he really loves working with INTAKS. Before Grant became a scaffolder, he was a builder with his own successful building company. He got to know one of his clients that he worked for as a builder. Eventually they got to know each other better and his former client became his business partner in Southern Access Solutions.

They decided to go for a Research & Development trip to Tauranga to check out the INTAKS business offering. After careful investigation and seeing the system in action, they decided that from a builder’s perspective and for many other reasons, it was a great system to invest in for their business.

They found that the INTAKS scaffolding system is so good to work with, not only because it is so lightweight and easy to carry on to site, but also because the gear is highly adaptable and easy to install. They also found that there are ways of doing things with INTAKS that takes less gear so its quicker and there are less overheads per job. This allows lower quotes than the competition which often can mean the difference between winning the job or not.

As a builder Grant could see that INTAKS offers no hold ups as far as a builder goes. They can set up the necessary scaffolding in one day and the builder can get on with his job faster. They can then pull it down in half a day and the builder can carry on with the job with minimal down time.

Another major advantage of using the INTAKS system is the ongoing support and advice. The guys at INTAKS provided training and always had great information. They are regularly in contact and always available to help. The guys from INTAKS give great back up and visit us every 3-4 months. Grant hears from Joel often to make sure everything is going ok, and to inform him of any new developments. Grant also found that it is easy to order more gear with INTAKS and it arrives fast no matter where you are in the country. For Grant and SAS, their business would not be the same without the INTAKS scaffolding system.

There have been many situations where the INTAKS system has proven it's worth by being adaptable. For example, they had a challenging job involving a big chimney on top of a building. With INTAKS they managed to complete the job simply and easily.