When we asked Reuben what he loves about scaffolding he said he loves providing great service to his customers, working in the fresh air, working with his hands and the freedom of being in business for himself. To learn more about why Reuben chose to use INTAKS when he set up his scaffolding company click the link below…

Reuben Crook owns Builder Access in Taupo and has been scaffolding for just under 5 years now. When asked what he loves about scaffolding Reuben said he loves providing great service to people, the freedom of being in business for himself, working with his hands and being in the fresh air every day. He also loves that as a scaffolder he gets to be a part of an exciting project that someone is going to love, and he gets to see the job progress from slab to frame.


Reuben started Builder Access in October 2019 and was influenced by his Dad. Reuben helped his Dad set up a scaffolding business in Wairarapa and worked in the business for 4 years before his father passed away.Reuben stayed on to manage that business through to 2019 when he decided to start Builder Access. He had learnt a lot with his Dad and INTAKS were there to help too with all the in’s and out’s on how to start a scaffolding business.


Reuben and his Dad first learned about INTAKS in 2013 when Joel did a national roadshow travelling NZ. His Dad attended the roadshow and really liked the concept. From there they got in touch with INTAKS and that’s when the partnership began.


Reuben loves that INTAKS is designed and manufactured right here in NZ! He finds it easy to use, light weight, less strain on the guys and the vehicles and the advantages it provides over traditional limited scaffolding systems. INTAKS provides many different configurations.


Reuben worked on the Metalcraft Roofing factory and by using INTAKS was able to save them a lot of money due to the configurations that are possible with INTAKS, with a traditional system he would have had to start from the ground up, but with INTAKS he was able to get a cherry picker up to the roof to add the edge protection quickly and easily.


Reuben highly recommends INTAKS to all scaffolders, the stands are longer so you don’t have to carry as much gear, its made from aluminium so its easy on your body and its enjoyable to work with! Reuben couldn’t see himself doing anything else and is proud to follow in his Dads footsteps.