Hamish started Aktis Scaffolding in 2019. From the start he has used our INTAKS scaffolding system. Hamish said his business would not be where it is without the support he receives from our team. Joel continues to play a vital role in his business, he recognised early that scaffolding in Wellington presents many challenges and is always on hand to provide guidance and even helps with quoting when required. “Joel really puts in the hard yards to help with my business” – Hamish, AKTIS Scaffolding.

Hamish started working with INTAKS in March 2019. He is originally from a Health and safety industry background. Due to his background, he knew that scaffolding and edge protection was a requirement that will always be needed in the construction industry, from the health and safety point of view.

After some time working on that side of the industry, Hamish decided he did not want to work for the man anymore. After seeing an ad for INTAKS scaffolding systems on a business website he got in touch. He was impressed with the INTAKS system and the support offered to grow his own business. So impressed that he quit his job in January and started AKTIS Scaffolding by March. Hamish took on one team member to start with and has grown steadily ever since.

He learned the scaffolding trade from the start using the INTAKS scaffolding system. His first team member had also been using the INTAKS scaffolding system in his previous position. When Hamish hired new team members, he found they were all happy to learn the INTAKS system as they could see how well it works and how the light weight makes it much easier to handle and work with.

Recently he completed a job that was a bit outside the square. He was able to provide access to remove a high chimney off a roof situation, by using an on-roof solution. This meant there were no high scaffolding towers needed in front of the building. Also, less gear was needed overall than conventional scaffolding systems. This was all easy to achieve with the INTAKS system. Other companies had quoted up to $10k for the job, but AKTIS were able to win the job for $3500 as they needed much less gear and less construction time.  

Hamish has also enjoyed the satisfaction of building a solid team you can trust. He can now enjoy the freedom to be able to do his own thing. For example, taking a Friday off to go on holiday and knowing he has a good team in place he can rely on.

Hamish says the ongoing support from INTAKS is invaluable, particularly from Joel. His business would not be where it is today without the constant help & support from INTAKS. Joel continues to play a vital part in his business and is always willing to help. Joel recognised that Wellington is unique for scaffolders and he has provided support, guidance, advice, and plenty of “how to” training. Joel has also been there to help with quoting when needed.  

“Joel really puts in the hard yards to help with my business” – Hamish, AKTIS Scaffolding.