All types of users benefit from INTAKS gear

Building new, renovating, or doing maintenance? Residential, commercial, high-rise, industrial, or civil?

If you need or work with scaffolding or edge protection, INTAKS Scaffolding and Edge Protection
can improve your project productivity and your profitability.

Start-up Scaffold Companies

Starting-up a scaffold and edge protection company with INTAKS gives you an immediate cost advantage over your competition: lighter gear, quicker installs, and fewer trucks - get more done with less, and easier to manage as well.


With INTAKS on site, homeowners have less gear in the way and better access to their home. It also goes up and comes down faster. And looks good too.

Established Scaffold Companies

Introducing a new system into an established scaffolding business is challenging. But the INTAKS System can cut your labour costs and dramatically improve your bottom line.

Roofers & Builders

INTAKS was purpose-designed to maximise clear ground and wall space, enabling multi-trade access and expediting progress on site. Improve your productivity and get those progress payments sooner.

Big Shed Construction Companies

Need versatile, light, and easy to handle roof edge protection that is also quick to install? Require a specialised access platform? INTAKS has a solution.

Scaffolders & Installers

Want to avoid a back injury from moving heavy steel? The light aluminium INTAKS System is intuitive to use and easy to load, unload, carry and install.

Commercial & High Rise Construction

An INTAKS edge protection solution can save hours of time compared to tube & clip edge protection. Savings come not only from labour but also other site efficiencies as less time is required in work schedules for edge protection install, adjustment and dismantle.

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