Scaffolding gear that you don't mind being there


INTAKS scaffolding & edge protection used for a re-roof for a homeowner.

Tidy Appearance

Your scaffolding and edge protection doesn't have to stand out like a sore thumb. INTAKS' tough, durable aluminium doesn't rust and looks good on site.

Quick Install & Dismantle

INTAKS' incredibly flexible and purpose-designed residential scaffolding and edge protection solutions take much less time to install and dismantle. This means the installation crew will be on site and in your way for less time, while still leaving you with a quality job.

Faster Job Completion

Building sites are more accessible and efficient using INTAKS. With less scaffolding in the way, trades can complete your job faster, without compromising on quality or blowing out costs.

Cost Effective

INTAKS installers know that delivering a quality and reliable service, at a fair and competitive price, is what creates customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. That's why INTAKS is a cost effective choice for homeowners.

Maintain Good Access to Your Home

Usually, maintaining good access to a scaffolded home is difficult or impossible. Vertical supporting standards just get in the way. In contrast, your installer can construct INTAKS to maximise access to doors and windows, minimising inconvenience to you and your family.

Minimal Impact on Landscaping

INTAKS is a great choice if you love your garden. With INTAKS, placement of scaffolding is determined by site requirements. If plants and shrubs are in the way, your installer can usually work around them, taking advantage of INTAKS' variable bay lengths. 

Environmentally Friendly

INTAKS weighs a lot less than conventional scaffolding and typically requires fewer and smaller trucks to transport the gear. We're proud that INTAKS is a better choice for the environment.

Safe & Compliant

The INTAKS system has been tested and independently verified for compliance with the relevant AS/NZS standards. And we have won several safety awards. No compromises on safety - ever.

Special Requirements? Just Ask

If you have special requirements - around timing, access to your home, or something else - just ask your independently-owned & operated installer. With the flexibility of INTAKS at their fingertips, they're likely to have a solution.

New Zealand Designed, Engineered & Manufactured

INTAKS was developed over the course of a decade by Lew Cleveland, a New Zealand scaffolding and building industry veteran. We manufacture locally to ensure the highest quality standards.

Maintain good access to your home & garden

INTAKS benefits homeowners providing convenience and easy acces to your home as pictured with the scaffolding allowing easy home access.

A logical choice for your next project

Having INTAKS scaffolding or edge protection on site can provide many benefits to
homeowners, whether you're building a new home, renovating an existing one, or
carrying out maintenance.


INTAKS is used every day to overcome challenging, real-life problems.

Learn more about how the INTAKS System can dramatically improve building and maintenance productivity.


"[INTAKS is] easy to put up and can be adapted quickly to suit a range of tradesmen and subbies"


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