Time for some new ideas?

Introducing a new system into an established scaffolding business can be challenging.
But the INTAKS Scaffolding and Edge Protection System will make your business
easier to manage, improve your bottom line, and give you one up on the competition. We can help.
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Wide, variable spans mean less gear.
Save on transport and time on site.

INTAKS Interlocking scaffolding planks.

Multiple options for solving problems.
See the INTAKS System configuration range here.

Compliant edge protection on I-beams
in minutes, not hours

Ever stopped to think about why you're in business? We have.

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Plank it with INTAKS

Reduce your risk and time on site with INTAKS' strong aluminium interlocking planks with spans of up to 4.8m. A superior and affordable alternative that will set you apart from the competition.

Turn Edge Protection on its Head

Transform your edge protection capabilities. Turn something you do just to retain a client into a core and solidly profitable part of your business. See what our edge protection configurations are capable of.

Operational & Implementation Advice

We can assist you with practical operational advice. We'll provide support as you plan and manage the implementation of INTAKS into your business. This helps ensure your operation makes the most of the versatile possibilities of the INTAKS System.

Ongoing Support

Once you're working with INTAKS, when your project requires a well-considered or custom solution, we're at your side with expert knowledge and engineering support.

Wondering how the INTAKS Scaffolding & Edge Protection System stands out from others?

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"At the end of the day, our teams are in better shape and they can keep up a fast pace, without the risks that come from working with heavier gear"

INTAKS is used every day to overcome challenging, real-life problems.

Learn more about how the INTAKS System could dramatically boost your profitability
and make your business easier to manage.