INTAKS® Scaffolding & Edge Protection Solutions

About Us

Peter Chapman

Managing Director

Peter leads the team and helps ensure INTAKS maintains a focus on supporting its customers to make their businesses easier, more profitable, and more rewarding to operate.

Joel Warren

General Manager

Joel has a vast knowledge of the system and business operations, and spends most of his time sharing this knowledge with customers to help their businesses operate well and become more successful.

Mark Baker

Business Development Manager

Mark is the first point of contact for any new customers. He guides them on their journey from initial enquiry to successful operator.

Gary Tavey

Training & Support Manager

Gary focuses on training new customers on using the INTAKS system, and building the capability of existing customers to help them grow.

Lindi Doust

Administration Manager

Lindi ensures the smooth running of day to day operations at INTAKS. She’s usually the one at the other end of customer calls and emails, providing fast and efficient service.

Philip Watt

Warehouse Manager

You'll find Philip in our warehouse, looking after our inventory and distribution. When you place an order with INTAKS, Philip ensures that your gear is heading your direction as soon as possible!

Lew Cleveland


Lew developed the INTAKS scaffolding and edge protection system, back in 1997. His insight and expertise led to development of the safety and efficiency enhancing features that make INTAKS so user-friendly.

Our Awards


- Construction Health & Safety Awards 2015
INTAKS won this award for its work in developing a new component that allows the installer to install edge protection on gables while at all times staying in a safe position and not having to scale the apex of the gable.

Not only does the Apex Post deliver important safety benefits, but installers have reported productivity improvements due to shorter install and dismantle times. Contact us to learn more about the Apex Post.
Our Awards

Designers Institute

- Best Design Awards 2014
Winner, Silver.
The INTAKS System received a silver award in the non-consumer product category at the prestigious annual Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Design Awards.

This award was due acknowledgement of Lew Cleveland's creativity and innovation, demonstrated over many years of developing the INTAKS System to the point where it is now used to deliver safety and productivity improvements on construction sites around New Zealand, day-after-day.
Our Awards


- New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety Awards 2014
INTAKS won this award for its use of design to eliminate or isolate a hazard.

Falls from height is the major hazard addressed by the INTAKS System. Many other issues come with this, such as safe work methods, site safety issues, site efficiency, human resources, behaviours, and sustainability (environmental & people).

The system brings site efficiency benefits to installers and other trades on site, combining safety with enhanced productivity.
Our Awards


- Construction Health & Safety Awards 2014
INTAKS was a finalist for this award in the small to medium business category.

This accolade was recognition of the multiple benefits of the INTAKS System in preventing falls from height. These benefits include the system's durable but light aluminium design. This reduces the load on installers (particularly older workers) and reduces hazards during the install and dismantle process.

The system is also designed for convenience and safe handling from storage, transport, and on site. Being quick to manoeuvre around building sites, time and handling of product is reduced, allowing superior safety to go hand-in-hand with greater labour and cost efficiency.

Our partners.

INTAKS is proud to be a member of Site Safe New Zealand and the Roofing Association of New Zealand, as well as a National Partner of New Zealand Certified Builders.

INTAKS NZ Ltd is the exclusive supplier of the proprietary INTAKS® Scaffold & Edge Protection System

The INTAKS system is a patented, strong, light, and multi-configurable scaffolding and edge protection system. Designed, engineered, tested and manufactured in New Zealand.

INTAKS helps firms dramatically improve building productivity, by providing scaffolding and edge protection gear that is fit for purpose, quick and easy to install, and has a minimal footprint so that trades can work efficiently with minimal obstacles around them. This reduces costs and delays on site while keeping end users safe.

With its adaptable design and multiple configurations, INTAKS is suitable for new builds, renovations and maintenance. We have configurations for residential scaffolding, and our edge protection and specialised access platform solutions have residential, commercial, high-rise, industrial and civil applications.

The INTAKS System was designed by a Kiwi who also owned a scaffold and edge protection service company. This practical experience has been incorporated into the system, with key design features throughout that make operations easier and keep costs lower.

With the INTAKS System, our customers have a competitive advantage that sets them up for success. They can get the same job done, in less time, with fewer labour and transport resources.This not only reduces costs but also reduces the management challenge for them as business owners. Fewer staff and fewer trucks means less to manage. Or they can chose to take on more jobs with the same resources. Either way, better margins lead to a markedly better return on investment.

How We Work

We are here for your success. We work to support our customers the best we can. We want to help you make decisions that are right for you, and give you end-to-end service that doesn't finish with a handshake.

Our focus is long-term. That means adopting a straightforward, open approach. We listen to the problems our customers have and work to find practical solutions to these problems. We also challenge our customers to try different approaches when we have seen these work well elsewhere: in challenge lies opportunity.

Our team works together collaboratively. We freely share opinions and new ideas in order to develop the best solutions for our customers.

Let us help you find a better approach to scaffolding and edge protection, to move your project or business forward, making it both easier and more rewarding to manage.