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Key Considerations Cover

Key questions for scaffolding businesses to consider

Our Key Considerations Guide has been designed to help you make the right decisions for your business, depending on your individual situation and goals.

The guide contains:

  • A brief overview of the scaffolding and edge protection market
  • Six questions to help you understand how to position your business for success, minimise your direct costs, and increase your margin
  • Key attributes to look for in scaffolding and edge protection gear so that you can get the best return on investment


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Why Choose INTAKS?

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Fast & Efficient

INTAKS is designed and engineered to be very quick and simple to install, reducing on-site delays for your customers and the cost of labour for your business.

You’ll see massive productivity benefits that we believe are unattainable with alternatives.

Highly Adpatible

Highly Adaptable

The INTAKS® Scaffolding and Edge Protection System offers a range of interconnecting components that can be used in many ways, adapting to virtually any job or terrain and minimising the amount of gear required on-site.

One system, 20+ different multi-functional configurations. 

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Superior Safety

The INTAKS® Scaffolding and Edge Protection System has been designed, engineered and tested in New Zealand to the most rigorous of safety standards. The system is also manufactured in New Zealand. Comprehensive step-by-step installation Guidelines are provided. 

Work with full confidence, knowing that INTAKS offers industry-leading levels of safety and compliance. 

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What the community has to say about us

"Lightweight, versatile scaffolding ideal for residential construction"

“At Scaffold Systems, we’ve been using Intaks’ scaffolding since our company started in 2014. We use it for residential building projects throughout the Bay of Plenty and the builders love it because it’s so versatile...

Katrina Wilson
Managing Director, Scaffold Systems NZ Ltd

"Scaffolding as good as the world’s best"

“As a scaffolding and roof protection company, we often face difficult challenges.  Thanks to the great support we get from the Intaks business team, we can confidently meet our customers’ demands and take on projects that would otherwise test our nerves...

Steele Mildwaters
Manager, Fall Stop Scaffold

Commercial roofing experts love the safety of Intaks scaffolding

“As a commercial roofing company, safety is paramount for us. We researched several scaffolding systems before deciding on Intaks. Although it’s slightly more expensive, it’s a thoroughly tested and certified scaffolding and roof edge protection system, which we know we can trust...
Deborah Harkin
Health & Safety Manager, Harkin Roofing

"Intaks scaffolding’s light weight means less staff fatigue"

“We’ve been using Intaks scaffolding since 2015. As a supplier of scaffolding and edge protection systems, mainly for residential work, we find the Intaks system saves us a lot of time and effort on a daily basis...

Jono Rush
Owner/Operator, Pro Platform Ltd
INTAKS Scaffolding Configurations 6

Multiple Configurations

INTAKS is the most flexible scaffolding and edge protection system you’ll ever use.

We have multiple, innovative, scaffolding configurations and our offering of edge protection configurations is world-class.

With a limited number of components you can access the full range of configurations across the system. It is designed to give you options on-site, while improving your team’s efficiency.

Learn more about our configurations now. 

More Configurations

Features and Benefits of Our Scaffolding


Unrivalled Flexibility

INTAKS® Interlocking Planks have a 4.8m span at medium duty or 4.3m at heavy duty. Around 20% lighter than conventional timber planks they can be easily joined mid-span. The planks interlock end-to-end and side-to-side, creating a uniform, level platform and reducing trip hazards. This provides unrivalled flexibility on site, reducing the amount of gear required and the time needed to install and dismantle it.


Seriously Strong, Seriously Light

Key components of the INTAKS® Scaffolding and Edge Protection System are manufactured from incredibly strong and light aluminium. With a weight saving of up to 5 tonnes of gear for a typical house, INTAKS requires less time, truck tonnage and labour cost to install and remove. And no compromises on safety, ever.

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Simple to Install & Dismantle

The INTAKS® System is designed around safety and efficiency, especially labour and transport efficiency. Components slot together and are pinned in place. This allows largely tool-less assembly and visual inspection of correct installation. Do more with the same resources, and see your productivity and your profits benefit, day-in, day-out.

Other Features
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We've had years of experience when it comes to helping new or established businesses get the best scaffolding and edge protection gear.

Any question is a good question: please come armed with as many as you can, and we'll make sure you're taken care of. 


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