INTAKS is the award-winning scaffolding and roof-edge protection system that delivers efficiency on site, reduces costs, and improves safety.

Supported by a range of interconnecting components, INTAKS is a lightweight, multi-configurable system that boasts a growing range of combinations to provide solutions for working at height on residential and commercial sites.
Started in 1997 as an idea by a kiwi bloke in his shed, INTAKS has now developed into a highly recognised and sought after scaffolding and edge protection system. 

The simple yet sophisticated lightweight design allows for ease of installation, adaptability, lower transport costs and labour efficiency. Every component of the INTAKS system is manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standards of quality.

  • 80% lighter than steel
  • Innovative features
  • 20+ configurations
  • Tool-less components
  • Excellent ROI
  • Future-proofing solutions
  • Certified and Patented
  • 100% NZ Made

Safe site efficiency is our business.

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